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Merryl N Fulmer, B.S. R.T.

Merryl has been professionally working in radiography ever since her graduation from high school.  For more than 45 years, she has been actively involved in all aspects of radiology academia, including serving as Program Director at four Schools of Radiologic Technology, Clinical Instructor and Adjunct Faculty at many Colleges, Universities and hospitals and past President of the Philadelphia Society of Radiologic Technologists, (one of the few remaining city affiliates for the ASRT). One of her biggest passions and accomplishments is the development of an “Initial Training Program in Mammography” in accordance with the MQSA and approved by the ASRT for 48 CE credits. This program is in its 19th year, has graduated innumerable women into the Mammography field, and is supported by more than 25 hospitals for tuition reimbursement.


For five years, Merryl worked in clinical research as the Clinical Trials Trainer for the American College of Radiology (ACR). While employed by the ACR, her work there included several major research breakthroughs including the DMIST, Digital Mammography Trial and other clinical trials that have altered medical practice. At the present time, Merryl offers four Initial Training post-primary courses. They include Mammography (M), Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR) and her most recent addition, Vascular Imaging (VI). These 40 hr courses are approved by the ASRT for 40-48 Cat A CE credits. She has also developed “16 hours Structured Education” in the four post-primary areas listed above – approved for 16 CE credits.


Merryl lectures to audiences across the country in all areas of diagnostic imaging. In addition to her various consulting jobs, her biggest passion is assisting/tutoring individuals and groups who are preparing to take the national certification exams by the ARRT as well as ARDMS for primary and post-primary certification. She has put together a review called Tips & Tricks for Passing the Registry and has presented to many schools and students.

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